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About us

OUR ETHOS  - Natural, Ethical & Cruelty Free

Hello, I'm Judith and I founded Home Scents when our granddaughter developed childhood asthma. My research showed that using natural household cleaners, laundry and personal care products would help avoid the toxins that could be causing the asthma. Sure enough, when we replaced the synthetic versions with my natural formulas, her asthma abated and I set about scaling-up manufacture so that we could help more people.

As the business grew, we decided to call the laundry range "Violet's" as a tribute to my late mother who was a natural home-maker and remains our inspiration. The plant derived and natural mineral ingredients we combine to make our award-winning laundry range, are a reflection of her hard-working, kind to all around and no-nonsense good value approach.

All our products are 100% natural. We use high quality essential oils for their glorious scents and also for their unqiues anti-bacterial action. We make everything in small batches here in Northumberland and we declare each ingredients on the label and website. We never use: synthetic chemicals, parabens preservatives, mineral oils or SLS.
Violet's is an effective, natural alternative to washing powders and detergents that contain optical brighteners and other synthetic chemical such as enzymes and phosphates which can cause allergic reactions to babies, children and adults.

We are a supplier to green tourism, providing our products to ethical and green hotels and guesthouses across the UK.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them. Your feedback and suggestions are really important to us so please send us your comments or call us on 01434607722. Alternatively there is a guestbook you can comment in.
The photo below is taken in, and from our workshop. It certainly helps our creativity working in such glorious surroundings!