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Violet's Laundry Care Advice

All our Laundry products have been developed by us to really look after your fabrics. We know that just putting everything in together with an ordinary powder is not the best way. Some garments and fabrics do need special care to prolong their life and appearance.
Always ensure stains are removed before putting item into the tumble drier as the heat will cook the stain and make it harder to remove. If an item comes out of washing machine still with some staining then soak it in a dilution of Violet's 100% natural stain remover overnight and then re-wash as normal.
Always sort laundry by colour and fabric type.

Wash colours and whites with Violet's 100% Natural Laundry Powder or Liquid.

Add a scoop of Violet's Laundry Stain remover or Earth friendly Bleach for sparkling whites.

Wash delicates lovingly by hand with Violets Speciality Delicate Laundry Wash.

Wash black clothes and denim with Violet's Speciality Denim machine wash.

Wash Pashminas and Silks with our Violet's Speciality Rose Pashmina Wash.


Check out our information on hazards of Optical Brighteners in the "Baddies" section



Yes, delicate items can be washed by machine on a delicate cool cycle, if you do this then please turn items inside out and place in a Mesh laundry washing bag. and use Violet's 100% Natural Laundry Liquid.

However, handwashing special items is stressfree for your fabric and can be relaxing for you. Pre-treat any stains by dampening the area and gently patting on a little undiluted Violet's Delicate Laundry Wash. Allow the time to enjoy caring for your special items.

Half fill a large bowl with warm water, add 1 or 2 capfuls of Violet's Delicate Laundry Wash swish around then add your garment. Gently pat it into the water and gently knead the item in the water taking care not to pull, stretch or wring the fabric. Leave to soak in its gentle warm bath for 30 mins. Then take the bowl to the sink, pour off the water and add a continual stream of room temperature water gently patting the garment and tipping out the soapy water and topping up with fresh. Don't hurry this process, take care to rinse thoroughly and gently. Do not wring but gently press the water out of the item. Lay a couple of towels on the worksurface and lay out your garment, putting it into its natural shape, then roll up the towels like a swiss roll with your garment inside until the towels have absorbed most of the water. Unroll and if necessary repeat this process with fresh towels until your garment is simply damp, not dripping wet. Then unroll and lay your garment flat and into its natural shape onto a fresh clean towel on a flat drying rack or if it is not a strechy fabric hang on a coathanger to dry.