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Guest Book
lilian clowe 14 Jul 2016
    We have tried in the past years to get this but all just didn't smell like linden tree until we received yours and we were amazed and very pleased. Many many thanks, Lyn, Rob xxx and Ziggy
Caroline Donnelly 10 Feb 2016
    It goes without saying that the violet washing products are fabulous but I really have to mention that both my border terriers absolutely adore the natural pet refresh spray!! Every time I spray it on their beds and rugs etc they immediately sniff, rub their faces on it and then roll their whole bodies over the smell to get covered in it....So much better than eau de fox poo!!!
Philip Upton 15 Jan 2016
    The Zeolite is absolutely marvellous. I have finally cleared my kitchen of unsavoury cooking smells! Absolutely wonderful product and the only one I've found that truly works after trying all types of scented candles, sprays, etc.
Carole Walsh 1 Nov 2015
    I am addicted to Bugs at Bay and use it at every opportunity. I give a quick freshen up just before any visitors arrive and everybody comments on the wondeful smell
Janey Smith 14 Oct 2015
    Just moved to a new house which uses a septic tank. Not only were all the staff here able to answer , in depth, about septic tank friendly products but they didn't treat me like an idiot for some of my questions!
When we got to the house, the kitchen sink was slow to drain. No need for nasty chemical treatments, a few scoops of earth friendly bleach were put down the sink, topped up with a small amount of hot water. A few hours later, an improvement in drainage was noted. However, I decided to remove the u bend and see what was amiss. The u bend was SPOTLESS, so the blockage must have been further down. A few teaspoons of earth friendly bleach were put directly down the deeper pipe work, the u bend reattached and a small jug of hot water put down the sink. A few hours later and whoosh, perfect drainage and no worry about having put all sorts of dangerous, caustic chemicals into the septic system.
Thank you!
Lesley Wright 21 Jun 2015
    Love these products, especially the Laundry Powder, no eczema for us now. Fantastic customer services as well.