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margaret russell 19 Jul 2014
    Shaun's Confidence spray is fantastic. I have a Westie who is terrified of loud bangs and noises. This weekend is the harbour festival in Bristol and there are fireworks at night. Knowing this I sprayed and massaged her with the confidence spray and there has been no barking, whining, or whimpering. Absolutely brilliant. A product which works. Thank you on. behalf of Heidi
margaret russsell 14 Jul 2014
    I was a little sceptical about the quality of the laundry liquid and softening liquid, but am delighted to say they are excellent. The washing has come out of the machine clean and smelling really refreshing.
There was a hiccup with the delivery whereby the Courier did not follow instructions but the problem was speedily sorted and the attention to the customer was excellent. Thank you Judith.
I will order again and am looking at Super Zeoloite for next time.
Tracy Costello 24 Feb 2014
    I ordered your hand wash as I have very sore hands. I have been very
impressed with the change in my skin in a matter of weeks. Currently
I am not having to hide my hands in my habitual fingerless gloves, I
have just placed a further order today including your laundry products.

I used Shaun's confidence spray on a staffie .Iwatched him inhale the aroma as I massaged it from the cloth. He rolled onto his side and let me continue. It was fascinating to watch - a lovely bonding moment.

Tracy C

Lynn B 23 Feb 2014

Earth friendly bleach - fabulous stain remover. From Breast fed poo to biro all over my daughters leggings everything has come out! It's amazing!

Donna Maxwell 12 Feb 2014
    I used the mosquito repellant in Tunisia in October 2013 and I have as they say 'tasty blood' and always gets covered in bites, I had a 30 ml bottle which worked great, I have NO bites for the first 10 days, it was starting to run out so I thought I would add a little bit water and it wouldn't make much differance, how wrong was I, I got about 5 bites in one night :(. I would strongly recommend this product and 100ml size is great and your not likely to run out

I also use lavender oil on my coldsores, which I get quite frequently in the winter, the oil take the throbbing away almost immediately and dries it up so they clear up so much quicker :)

Overall I love all the products I have tried and look forward to trying new ones :)
Carole Walsh 7 Nov 2013
    I am new to these products but am really pleased with my order and will certainly be buying more. The smells are wonderful and everywhere smells naturally fresh - not artificial as with other cleaners. My friends Westie has never been so soft and fluffy thanks to the doggie shampoo