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All purpose Natural Cleaner 500ml

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All purpose Natural Cleaner 500ml

00% natural - ultra concentrated - Vegan certified - non toxic - biodegradable - glorious natural scents.
The Daly Top 5 - Numero uno - .."Home Scents range of eco cleaning products are scented with essential oils, and leave things sparkling and smelling lovely.."
  • all purpose natural  household cleaner - surfaces and floors
  • vegan approved
  • non toxic
  • concentrated
  • safe for daily cleaning 
  • no need to use gloves
  • scented with pure essential oils
  • no need to rinse
  • safe for septic tanks

Powerful natural kitchen and bathroom cleaner - sinks, taps, cooker, fridge, tiles, paintwork, floors - in fact all washable surfaces indoors and outdoors.
Your choice of 100% natural scents to make cleaning enjoyable. Smells great, cleans so well with natural antiseptic freshness and is non toxic as well as being biodegradable. Naturally powerful. What more could you ask for? These non toxic cleaners will not only clean your home beautifully but safely because we use pure essential oils for their natural Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Antiseptic, Anti-microbial properties as well as their aroma-therapeutic values.

Simply spray and wipe and get the job done perfectly, no need to rinse, non toxic
Or dilute in hot water for cleaning all washable floors with traditional mops or microfibre pads.

No need to use gloves and safe to use around pets and children.

Spoil yourself - have one scent for the Kitchen and another for the Bathroom. Our special formula leaves your surfaces thoroughly clean and smelling delightful. Friends and family comment on how clean your house smells.

Ingredients: Northumberland water - Foamers from Sugar Beet & Coconut - Sodium Bicarbonate - Citric - Vegetable Glycerine - Vegetable Protein - xanthum gum - pure essential oils
500 ml

Customer comment: .....I am still enjoying using the cleaning products. They last for ages and the smell lingers long after you have finished cleaning......

.....my younger son got some kind of horrible bacteria, with a long latin name, in his bowels. The hospital told us - when they finally diagnosed him...- that we had to wash the toiletseat with clorine every time he'd been. I had sprayed the seat with your multisurface for bathrooms - didgeridoo-it the whole time and no one else in the family got it!!! So, now I use it all the time!....


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