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Chamois Cream Travel Size 10g Tin

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Chamois Cream Travel Size 10g Tin

Specifically developed for sensitive skin 

For Cyclists, Athletes, Skiers and Walkers.

Naturally anti-bacterial & anti inflammatory - anti-chafing balm - hypo allergenic - made in UK.

HS Chamois Cream is a naturally anti-bacterial, anti-chafing cream for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes who find it ideal for helping to protect the skin from the discomforts of chafing. Hikers also benefit by using this calming, cooling protective blend. None of that "ingredients include” cop out. ALL our ingredients are proudly declared on the back label, along with the fact that we have no truck with animal testing. HS cream forms a long lasting friendship with your chamois pad to ensure there is no friction to spoil your ride. Lavender and Chamomile oils leave irritation and odours way back in the pack while the anti- inflammatory benefits of German Chamomile are Champion. Remember, a little goes a long way, literally, so smiles all round.

We Here we go with those all important Natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Eco soy wax - Unrefined coconut wax - Extra virgin olive oil - Apricot kernel oil - Cold pressed sweet almond oil - natural vitamin E - Xanthum gum – Lavender essential oil – Chamomile Roman essential oil - German chamomile essential oil.

10g Travel Size.

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