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Eco Dishwashing Liquid 5L

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Eco Dishwashing Liquid 5L
100% natural - Vegan certified - concentrated - non toxic - biodegradable

When this ends up down the Drain, Mother Earth is the one to GAIN.

 Sunday Telegraph says "chemicals from household detergents get into our river systems and into the sea, damaging fish as well as delicate marrine eco systems. Do the washing up instead with fennel or ginger and lime scented eco washing up liquid from Home Scents."

100% Natural ingredients all listed on our labels including plant viscosity agent, plant surfactant, pure minerals plus essential oils specifically chosen for their natural antimicrobial, antiseptic, and bactericidal properties.

Ingredients: Northumberland water - Coconut surfactant - Sugar Beet surfactant - Citric -Sodium carbonate - Sea Salt - Essential oils in scented version.

5 kg


Customer comments: Thank you so much for such a nice washing up liquid. The lime & ginger we use is delightful and delicious. It is the nicest washing up liquid we have used. NF

Customer reviews
Very good product.
The scent makes you enjoy washing up.
I just can't use anyone else's products any more.
I would prefer a slighly thicker washing up liquid. It seems to do its job okay, it's just that I keep sqeezing it out the bottle when I'm putting it in and out of the cupboard!
Most natural thickeners create an opaque liquid and I've tried to balance a slightly less effective natural thickener with customers' preference for a clear washing up liquid. Email me if you need a dispense pump for the 5kilo washing up liquid for easier refilling.
Warm Regards Judith.
HOMESCENTS not only work wonderfully but the smell lovely too!
The most gorgeously-scented washing up liquid I have ever used. It makes you want to wear it as perfume. Natural beautiful eco products that are not available at Sainsburys Tescos et al. And feels good to support a small independent company.
Its great to hear comments from people who use our truly natural products, thank you.