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  • eliminate instead of masking odours
  • natural deodoriser for shoes, boots, trainers.
  • all our bags are unique - no two the same.
  • Also use amongst clothing to deter moths and eliminate stale odours.

Delightful fabric bags, hand made in France for Home Scents & Violets, filled with fine Zeolite granules -  natural volcanic grains that not only deodorises shoes but absorbs the moisture. This stops the growth of smelly bacteria and keeps shoes fresh and clean - so why not use Goodie 2 Shoes.

We have a gorgeous mix of fabrics, simply choose "Bright and Cheery", "Pretty and Delicate" or "Clean and Simple"  and we will send you a non-matching pair of pouches. Just adds a bit of fun and sunshine to keeping your footwear dry and non-smelly. Your choice reflects the fabric - Bright and Cheery for Kiddies - Pretty and Delicate for Ladies - Clean and Simple for Men.

Great for shoes, trainers & boots, especially great for those who don't like wearing socks with their shoes. Also good to put in suitcases storing clothes to keep them odour free.

Where does our Zeolite come from:
Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater. Zeolites also crystallize in environments over periods ranging from thousands to millions of years in shallow marine basins. Our Natural Zeolite is mined in Turkey where in order to guarantee the performance of its products, they ensure all extraction and production processes are carried out under a strict quality control system, maintaining the highest respect for the environment. 
We do not use synthetic zeolites.

Bags can be re-charged in sunlight.

£13.50 for 2 bags