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Pet Accident Spot Carpet Foam

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Pet Accident Spot Carpet Foam
100% natural - Vegan certified - concentrated - biodegradable

As always we have used only natural ingredients (all listed on the back label for your information) including Lavender, Citronella & Sage with plant surfactants to clean efficiently and leave a fresh smelling carpet. The essential oils chosen have natural insecticidal and deodorising benefits.  Ideal to use for spot cleaning. Safe to use on wool, nylon and stain resistant carpets and rugs. We recommend a patch test.

No optical brighteners - No petro chemicals
Therefore totally safe for toddlers and pets around your home.

Ingredients: Water -sugar beet surfactant - coconut surfactant - aloe vera - glucose - sodium carbonate - citric - grapefruit seed extract - xanthum gum - lavender essential oil - citronella essential oil - sage essential oil.

100ml Foamer