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Pet Zeolite

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  • Absorbs and removes odours rather than masking them. 
  • Great for removing wet dog odours 
  • Cat litter trays 
  • In car pet odours 
  • Odour control for Rabbit, gerbils, hamster, ferrets etc 
  • Absorbs ammonia smells 
  • Remove odour and moisture from sports shoes & equipment, 
  • Use in the kitchen and round the house, keep rubbish bins smelling fresh
Simply put a handful of Super Zeolite granules into open dishes near pet beds, cat litter trays and pet food area. Can also be added to cat litter tray. For the car, fill open weave bags (muslin or cotton) with Zeolite and place a bag under each seat. Safe to add to pet bedding or place in trays under your pet rabbit, hamster, ferret cages to absorb odours. When Super Zeolite stops absorbing odours then it is time to discard or refresh.       

Can be re-charged by leaving outside for a full day’s sunlight

900 gm

Where does our Zeolite come from:

Natural Zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater. Zeolites also crystallize in environments over periods ranging from thousands to millions of years in shallow marine basins. Our Natural Zeolite is mined in Turkey where in order to guarantee the performance of its products, they ensure all extraction and production processes are carried out under a strict quality control system, maintaining the highest respect for the environment. We do not use synthetic Zeolites.

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