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Scented Ironing Water Litre refill

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Scented Ironing Water Litre refill
1 litre Refill Scented ironing water (without spray)

Pure essential oils - non toxic - Vegan certified - 100% natural
Janey Lee Grace says "If you love fragrant clothes,try the luxurious ironing water from Home Scents"
Beautifully scented ironing water, traditionally used by French women to perfume the sheets - linen water is a subtle way to add fragrance to the home with our unique blends of pure essential oils. Our Scented Ironing Spray uses only natural ingredients that are biodegradable. Spray a little on yourclothes or bedding as you iron making ironing easier and leaving your linen delicately perfumed.
Your choice of signature scents . "Lavender Flowers" or "Rose Garden" makes bed linen spot on for a restful night's sleep. Try Cedarwood & Patchouli for delightful woody fragrance.
Directions: Shake well, (remember, we do not use chemical emulsifiers) simply spray direct onto your linen and clothes as you iron to leave a gentle scent.
Ingredients: de-ionised water, vitamin e, unique blends of pure essential oils.

1 litre refill
Customer reviews
Wonderful product. If you like natural smells and dislike synthetic smells, this is it.
Fades beautifully over time on your ironed clothes. Also perfect as room fragrance, just spray once on the radiator and you've got a room smelling like a lavender meadow.
U A.
Lovely scent that transforms our home/laundry.
Andrea M.
Beautiful ironing water that lingers for a very long time and makes your drawer, wardrobe, cupboard smell wonderful.
Dawn K.
Beautiful scent and I have found ironing a pleasure with it. I have been using Homescent products since 2012 and I will not use anything else. If I emigrate I would pay the postage to get it shipped.
Dawn K.