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Surface & Hand Sanitiser travel sizes

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Surface & Hand  Sanitiser travel sizes
100% natural - vegan certified - non toxic - biodegradable - no alcohol
DAILY MAIL says "Bugs at Bay" one of the 12 best Germ busters. Protect against spread of seasonal flu. 

Are you concerned about surfaces you touch away from your home? Are you worried about Seasonal Flu?

Research by Which? magazine, carried out on keyboards and office technology at its own offices, revealed that a keyboard can harbour more harmful bacteria than a lavatory seat.

Sharing a keyboard can pass on diseases and illnesses between those who work in offices.  Should somebody have a cold in your office, or even have gastroenteritis, you’re very likely to pick it up from a keyboard or mouse.

Also mice are likely to scurry over the keyboard at night looking for scraps of food from your snacks and leave their droppings behind in return.

Bugs At Bay is our Natural Anti-viral Sanitiser for telephones, mobile phones, computer mouse, door handles, tv remote controls etc. Formulated with powerful essential oils chosen for their ANTI VIRAL properties including TEA TREE & OREGANO which have been known & used for centuries to fight off illness & infection. These essential oils are believed to improve immunity to viruses by boosting the immune system.
Just spray onto a paper towel, wipe the item thoroughly and discard the paper towel to avoid cross contamination. Ideal size for travel, handbags, office etc.
The essential oils have been selected for their established powerful anti-viral capabilities.
All natural ingredients, no alcohol.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar Beet Surfactant, Citric, Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Xanthum gum, Special blend of Naturally Anti- Viral Essential Oils including Oregano

Alcohol free natural instant hand sanitiser - 100% natural - ideal for TRAVEL , use at home, work, school & out and about.

Alcohol free and enriched with Aloe Vera it will not dry out your hands, isnt sticky and the blend of naturlally anti-viral essential oils clean and protect your hands.

Directions: Press the pump once only into the palm of your hand, rub hands together to evenly distrubute the sanitising foam evenly over your skin. Dries naturally.
Ingredients. De-Ionised Water, Sugar Beet Surfactant, Aloe Vera, Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Citric, Xanthum Gum, Vitamin E, Special Blend of esential oils.

120 pumps average from 60ml bottle.

Note about essential oils
Because essential oils are so sweet-smelling it might be easy to suppose that their value is essentially one of charm. This would be a mistake. These substances are very complex in the molecular structure and very powerful. The essential oil of OREGANO, for example, is twenty-six times more powerful as an antiseptic than phenol, which is the active ingredient in many commercial cleansing materials.

100ml with spritzer Surface Sanitiser
60ml Hand Sanitiser