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Surface Sanitiser 500ml

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Surface Sanitiser 500ml
100% natural - vegan certified - non toxic - biodegradable - no alcohol
DAILY MAIL says "Bugs at Bay" one of the 12 best Germ busters. Protect against spread of seasonal flu.
Bugs At Bay is our Natural Anti-viral Sanitiser for kitchen & bathroom surfaces, telephones, mobile phones, computer mouse, door handles, tv remote controls etc. Formulated with powerful essential oils chosen for their ANTI VIRAL properties including TEA TREE & OREGANO which have been known & used for centuries to fight off illness & infection. These essential oils are believed to improve immunity to viruses by boosting the immune system.

Just spray onto a paper towel, wipe the item thoroughly and discard the paper towel to avoid cross contamination.

The essential oils have been selected for their established powerful anti-viral capabilities.
All natural ingredients, no alcohol.

Ingredients: Water,Sugar Beet Surfactant, Citric, Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Xanthum gum, Special blend of Naturally Anti- Viral Esential Oils including Oregano. 

Note about essential oils
Because essential oils are sosweet-smelling it might be easy to suppose that their value is essentially oneof charm. This would be a mistake. These substances are very complex in themolecular structure and very powerful. The essential oil of OREGANO, forexample, is twenty-six times more powerful as an antiseptic than phenol, whichis the active ingredient in many commercial cleansing materials.

500ml spray