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Violet's Baby Laundry Liquid 5L - 125 washes

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Violet's Baby Laundry Liquid 5L - 125 washes

The Telegraph says"Mild yet Mighty" "results were fantastic"

Developed specifically for people suffering from very sensitive skin and

includes beneficial wild harvested Seaweed soap.

Unscented version best for eczema




Vegan certified - concentrated - non-toxic - biodegradable - hypo allergenic - safe for septic tanks


Washing baby clothes before they're worn is an absolute necessity. Many baby clothes are sprayed with formaldehyde before they are shipped to ensure they look new and unwrinkled when they arrive. Since a new baby's skin is so sensitive and soaks in so much of what touches it, you don't want to take any chances.

Very small babies spend a lot of time coming into contact with other peopleís clothes as they are cuddled and carried about. It may well be necessary to wash the whole familyís clothes in the same way and use something like a muslin square to protect your babyís skin from visitorís clothing


Ingredients: Northumberland water - Natural wild harvested Seaweed soap - Sodium Sesquicarbonate - Sodium Carbonate -Xanthum gum - essential oils

5 litre with dispense cap for 124 washes


Customer reviews
This is the best washing solution I've found for both my two year old and myself, as we both suffer from eczema that is very easily irritated by cosmetics, toiletries and laundry products. It is extremely rare to find a product we can both tolerate that smells lovely! We have hard water, so we never manage to make it an economical choice as we have to use more than recommended, but have rationalized it as a necessary expense.
Great product. Cleans as well as leading brands but with the bonus of no chemical nasties. Perfect for my kids who both have sensitive, reactive skin. Smells lovely too - the smell doesn't linger on the clothes once dry but this does not bother me and they smell lovely and fresh at the end of the wash cycle. Will definitely repurchase.
Very economical and a joy to use. lovely!
Smells amazing.
Brilliant, only liquid that I can use that does not give me an allergry.